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I’m so happy to be able to share these gorgeous engagement photos!  I loved spending time with Emma and Kurt, photographing their Engagement Session recently…. An afternoon filled with perfect light, smiles, laughter and love xEngagement Session_Tasmania_001Engagement Session_Tasmania_002Engagement Session_Tasmania_003Engagement Session_Tasmania_004Engagement Session_Tasmania_005Engagement Session_Tasmania_006Engagement Session_Tasmania_007Engagement Session_Tasmania_008Engagement Session_Tasmania_009Engagement Session_Tasmania_010Engagement Session_Tasmania_011Engagement Session_Tasmania_012Engagement Session_Tasmania_013Engagement Session_Tasmania_014Engagement Session_Tasmania_015Engagement Session_Tasmania_016Engagement Session_Tasmania_017Engagement Session_Tasmania_018Engagement Session_Tasmania_019Engagement Session_Tasmania_020Engagement Session_Tasmania_021Engagement Session_Tasmania_022Engagement Session_Tasmania_023Engagement Session_Tasmania_024Engagement Session_Tasmania_025Engagement Session_Tasmania_026Engagement Session_Tasmania_027Engagement Session_Tasmania_028Engagement Session_Tasmania_029Engagement Session_Tasmania_030Engagement Session_Tasmania_031Engagement Session_Tasmania_032Engagement Session_Tasmania_033Engagement Session_Tasmania_034Engagement Session_Tasmania_035Engagement Session_Tasmania_036Engagement Session_Tasmania_037Engagement Session_Tasmania_038Engagement Session_Tasmania_039Engagement Session_Tasmania_040Engagement Session_Tasmania_041Engagement Session_Tasmania_042Engagement Session_Tasmania_043Engagement Session_Tasmania_044Engagement Session_Tasmania_045Engagement Session_Tasmania_046Engagement Session_Tasmania_047Engagement Session_Tasmania_048Engagement Session_Tasmania_049Engagement Session_Tasmania_050

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  • katie - I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I just adore your work, Michelle. These are stunning.ReplyCancel

  • Melanie - I love these… such beautiful couple and you’ve really captured their connection… and the location and light! Amazing…ReplyCancel

It was such joy to photograph Kendall and Marcus’  MONA wedding in Hobart. Their day was absolutely stunning, filled with gorgeous details, sun, smiles and lots of love. Enjoy xKendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_01Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_02Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_03Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_04Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_05Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_06Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_07Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_08Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_09Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_10Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_11Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_12Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_13Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_14Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_15Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_16Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_17Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_18Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_19Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_20Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_21Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_22Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_23Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_24Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_25Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_26Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_27Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_28Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_29Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_30Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_31Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_32Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_33Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_34Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_35Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_36Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_37Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_38Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_39Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_40Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_41Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_42Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_43Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_44Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_45Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_46Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_47Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_48Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_49Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_50Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_51Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_52Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_53Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_54Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_55Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_56Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_57Kendall and Marcus_MONA Wedding_58

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