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The weeks and months slip by every so quickly.  Winter is almost a distant memory and spring is here again, filled with warmth, colour, and of course beautiful weddings!

I’m looking forward to sharing my most recent couples’ love stories with you here soon, but first there are some very special Tasmanian weddings from months gone by for you to enjoy – like this one….

….beautiful in every way…. this day, this couple.

Jenn + Mike xx

Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_01Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_02Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_03Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_04Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_05Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_06Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_07Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_08Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_09Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_10Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_11Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_12Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_13Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_14Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_15Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_16Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_17Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_18Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_19Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_20Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_21Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_22Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_23Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_24Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_25Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_26Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_27Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_28Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_29Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_30Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_31Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_32Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_35Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_37Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_38Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_39Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_40Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_41Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_42Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_43Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_44Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_45Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_46Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_47Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_48Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_49Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_50Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_51Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_52Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_53Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_54Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_55Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_56Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_57Jennifer+Michael_Boat Harbour Wedding_58

Traveling all the way from New Zealand, Hannah and Ryan chose the beautiful Quamby Estate to celebrate their wedding in Tasmania with their closest family and friends.

I adore autumn weddings, and their day was simply perfect – filled with the glorious colours of autumn and delicious light xx

Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_01

Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_02Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_03Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_04Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_05Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_06Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_07Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_08Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_09Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_10Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_11Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_12Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_13Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_14Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_15Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_16Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_17Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_18Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_19Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_20Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_21Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_22Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_23Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_24Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_25Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_26Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_27Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_28Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_29Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_30Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_31Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_32Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_33Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_34Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_35Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_36Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_37Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_38Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_39Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_40Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_41Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_42Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_43Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_44Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_45Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_46Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_47Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_48Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_49Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_50Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_51Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_52Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_53Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_54Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_55Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_56Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_57Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_58Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_59Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_60Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_61Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_62Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_63Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_64Hannah and Ryan_Quamby Wedding_65

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